Waxing Specialist Academy was established in April 2020 by Marta Zaczkowska, Waxing and Beauty Industry expert.

Why Marta Zaczkowska started the Academy:
“Over the years I have developed my own waxing techniques, including a more effective way of applying wax and client body positioning that create better waxing results. I have extended experience of full body waxing for women and men using strip and hot wax, including intimate waxing, pregnancy and post pregnancy waxing.  I’ve also refined treatment plans and treatment timings that offer clients greatly improved results. And I have created a more personalised individual consultation process and aftercare advice. All of these developments are reflections of my observations from 16 years in the business and have enabled me to elevate the client’s experience and consequently the business’ reputation. Always striving to improve, I seek to give back to the beauty industry as an educator,
passing on everything I know about waxing and building and industry of highly educated and committed waxing therapist in the UK and internationally. Waxing is my passion and I have sought to learn everything about it.”